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About RIMM

RIMM’s Three Strengths


A Proven Track Record in Spain and Japan

We are your strategic partner for your marketing and communication activities in Japan and Spain


Flexible Support that Matches Your Business Stage

We offer flexible Marketing support in line with our customer’s business stage, from our bases in Japan and Spain, with an emphasis in communication with our customers.


Passionate about Spain and Japan

Our solid network of associates and collaborators share a passion for both Japan and Spain and love providing a flexible marketing and communication support to our clients.

About RIMM

About RIMM

The Research Institute of Mediterranean Marketing (RIMM) was born from the collaboration between Bluemoon Marketing Inc., based in Tokyo, and local partners in the main Spanish cities.

RIMM’s mission is to “revitalize business between Japan and Spain.” Rather than just act on behalf of our clients for their marketing activities, we aim to become strategic partners to our clients and support them over the long term in a flexible manner, creating a win-win situation where both client and agency can fulfill their business goals.

Japan and Spain celebrated 150 years of diplomatic relations in 2018. Japanese culture, including Japanese food, manga, anime, etc., is widespread in Spain, and the need for Japanese products and services continues to grow.
Conversely, Mediterranean exports, including olive oil, wine, and serrano ham, have permeated the Japanese’s daily lives. The Mediterranean diet is getting ever more attention, and soccer’s popularity goes without saying.

Our Service

Our Services


Overseas Expansion Consulting

For businesses expanding from Spain to Japan or from Japan to Spain, we can provide in both countries strong connections and the know-how required to support your needs.


Overseas Inspection / Field Surveys

In addition to coordinating inspections, we can also help list up local candidate companies for potential partnerships and business relations.


Public Relations / PR Consulting

From media selection to effective press release creation, distribution and monitoring. Our experienced consultants know the characteristics and circumstances of the Spanish or Japanese media.


Inbound Marketing Support in the Tourism Sector

Whether your target audience is comprised of tourists visiting Spain from Japan, or those visiting Japan from Spain, we can help you with a wide variety of Marketing actions. From surveys and promotions to Public Relations and advertising. We create an optimal mix of marketing actions to help companies achieve their objectives.


Company Profile

About the RIMM Logo

The logo is composed of blue, the corporate color of Bluemoon Marketing Inc, and orange, representing Spain and the Mediterranean. Its seven dots, connecting the “I” of Information and personal I, and the “M” of Marketing, represent the seven-hour time difference between Japan and Spain.

Company Name

Research Institute of Mediterranean Marketing

Operating Company

Bluemoon Marketing Inc. ®

Founder and CEO

Ayako NODA (LinkedIn)


3-20-1-5F, Minami-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047, JAPAN


July 7th, 2010

URL (Operating Company)

Case Study

Case Studies

Case #1: template

San Sebastián Field Study by a Food and Beverage Operator

Summary: Provide a coordinator to put our client in contact with local producers.

Case #2: Barcelona Field Study for a Japanese beverages producer

Barcelona Field Study for a Japanese beverages producer

Summary: A beverage manufacturer wanted to take its customers to visit the recently open bars in Barcelona as part of a field study. We provided a pre-event roster and attended the two-day event.

Case #3: Setting up of a Local Factory for a Medical Products Manufacturer

Setting up of a Local Factory for a Medical Products Manufacturer

Summary: Through an existing contact, we helped establish and support a local factory (company).




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