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Overseas Expansion Consulting

Companies that expand their operations abroad are in different stages of business development. Some companies may already be “connected” to the destination country and are considering opening a branch. Other companies have just made the decision to expand to Spain or Japan and need all kinds of information and local observations and market research. Companies that already have a local presence need to do publicity and PR campaigns to promote their products and services.

Our services are designed to provide marketing support to companies that operate or wish to operate in Japan and Spain. We provide the experience and flexibility necessary to be effective partners to our clients, and support them by working together face to face and/or online.

At RIMM we go beyond the short-term project / campaign; we take into account the long-term business development needs of our clients in Japan and Spain and create proposals with effective and profitable solutions.

Services and Costs

Comprehensive marketing support: Quotation-basis (pricing dependent on scale and content)


Support for the Establishment of Local Offices / Companies

One big step in establishing an overseas presence is the creation of a local corporation/branch office. This vital step requires familiarity with local legal practices and professionals familiar with local business rules and customs and have a proven track record.

Services and Costs

Support in the establishment of a local corporation/branch office: From around 200,000 JPY + expenses (price dependent on scale and content)


Multilingual Website Production, SEO, and MEO

At RIMM, our online marketing professionals go beyond simple translation. The translations and text creation are carried out with SEO criteria to produce more effective websites in Japanese and Spanish. If you already have a website in English or Spanish, we can translate it into Japanese.

Services and Costs
  • Adding Japanese or Spanish to a multilingual site: From around 70,000 JPY (depending on the content, scale, and responsibilities)
  • SEO diagnostics and advice for existing sites: From around 50,000 JPY (depending on content and scale)
  • Other web marketing activities: Quotation-basis

Overseas Inspection / Field Surveys

Besides coordinating and attending inspections connected to market research and conducting expansion-related market research studies (both quantitative and qualitative), we can also help list up local candidate companies for potential partnerships and business relations.

Services and Costs
  • Listing up and coordinating places to visit: From around 50,000 JPY (dependent on scale and content)
  • Attending inspections: From around 150,000 JPY (Assuming two days at 8 hours per day, price dependent on scale and content)
  • Hearings and interviews with local target groups: Quotation-basis
For more information about our qualitative and quantitative market research work, click here:

Public Relations and PR Consulting

After receiving complete information on our client’s products and services and their marketing strategy, we can support the execution of Public Relations activities at the right time and with the appropriate content. From the selection of media by our team of consultants familiar with the characteristics and circumstances of the media industry in Japan or Spain, to the creation, distribution and local monitoring of effective press releases. We provide comprehensive support. We can also help maximize our clients’ presence on social media, an indispensable activity in today’s world of public relations.

Services and Costs
  • Project-based (one-off) public relations support: Quotation-basis
For details on annual contract PR support, click here:
Group 110


現地とのパートナーシップにより、2016年に日本に再就航したスペインの航空会社「イベリア航空」の機内誌「RONDA IBERIA」への広告出稿が可能です。英語版、スペイン語版、日本語版など、言語の選択も可能です。目的に応じて最適な媒体、プランをご提案します。


現地法人/支店設立支援: 200,000円前後~+諸費用(規模・内容による)





現地法人/支店設立支援: 200,000円前後~+諸費用(規模・内容による)